Where It All Began

We often characterize people in the Government today, condemn their actions, blame the Foul stenches of our fast decaying society on the present and past rulers and their methods of administration when the truth is…..
A seed grows into a plant …..
A plant grows into a tree …..
A tree grows into a forest….
And A forest breeds creatures of the Wild. This creatures however consist of two types… The predator and The prey.
The predator hunts down the prey everyday, week, month, year, decade and generation.
     The same happens in our present society, our families multiply and replenish the Earth. Their Seeds however determine the state of their own economy when their parents grow old and probably die. It is then our duty as parents to teach our children in the way of the Lord so they do not depart from it  and when they transform into adults that have important positions and make decisions that affect the society then they would do that which lay burden in their hearts..
The Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is best started with our families, then the world would be reached with less constrains.


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