It’s Your Day My Choice




I have always heard that the greatest Miracle the world received was the Gift of Relationship in Jesus The word becoming Flesh but I never really understood until I met you.

A profound  Writer in one of the Most read Book in the world Compared what Yeshua Had with a group of Believrs with what A man has with A woman.

The first institituon before heavens and earth, Marriage, Church(Education,  Government,  Baking, Fashion, Music,  Art….) was ever created was RELATIONSHIP because In the Beginning God (Elohim : Father Son and spirit).said let Us(Excluding the Angels) make man….

Relationship was what gave birth to People, Destinies,  creation. …


I found real purpose when I met this Wonderful lady. .

An Epitome of Godly Womanhood, Virtuous Woman, beautiful ( Spirit soul body), She is Known of God, has a Right mentality, very submissive, Patient,  Respectfull, Prudent, Solid Supporter,  and Beauty in the eyes of EVERY BEHOLDER….

Very disciplined yet Romantic,  A Role Model to young Singles and Married people.


A profound speaker and Pleasurable asset to one of the most sought After Broadband Brands in the World (SMILE)…

The Dream Of so Many men I promise you…

I sincerely Appreciate you CHoice…

ONE of these Days the World would Attest to thsea testimonies. ..


Happy Birthday to the most wonderful Lady in the world. ..

Many more prosperous years .

Am Excited about our Future.

Signed by Gmusicplus , Colleagues At SMile, Redefinition crew, Abisdlaw , Masterpiece Assembly,  Grandma ADEKOYA, VOICEtrainingwithEthan, All4twoo ,Vintage media,  EXCLUSIVE MEDIA..

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