The Spirit in sound

Every element of nature is connected to the very essence of life itself. The Earth, fire, water and wind are all elements of nature without which man cannot Co – exist. These elements however posses powers of their own that control climate and weather conditions, everything God created has a connection by Him, from Him, for Him and to Him. The Devil we all resist today was Music personified


He was made of Music, designed for Music and forged with Music. (For the Glory of God) he was thrown down to Earth because he seized to give God the Glory. Now man has been endowed with the ability Lucifer had, “MUSICIANS” musicians are not ordinary people because they posses powers the devil has(the Gift of a man is without repentance). These elements of nature have spiritual tendencies because they have no “will” like us
humans, so does the sound music creates whenever we play or sing in an event, a church service or at home. We only need to define our purpose of Music (For whom we play or sing) there is a Spirit in every sound created.


Define what spirit you evoke into your Music.


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