Living or Existing?

“Whatever God creates live, whatever man creates exist” , his feelings, hopes, fragments of his imagination, tools, equipments and machinery, Technology and materials for improving his standard of living. These things only exist because man imagines and then attempts to build them.


Let’s not dream all our lives and forget to live!!! It’s great to have aspirations and wonderful imagination but we need to first acknowledge the fact that “God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all we could ask or think, According To The Power That Worketh In UsEphesians : 3 vs 20. When we do not trust God to take charge of our lives then we are only existing as we may never be able to fully manifest in God’s Grace and power. Man and animals of different specie evolve till this day because God created them, they continue to multiply and grow in understanding of their world/habitat/ecosystem/niche.



Let’s turn our fantasy into reality, live not exist.

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