Why Drummers are gods

After so much efforts towards understanding the relationship between humanity and his unending quest for evolving on Earth as the dominating creation of God Almighty, the discovery then spurs out of a curious mind
why Drummers are gods “


A rather interesting Phenomenon this case Study is judging it’s subject matter.
There is but one side to Music that controls, shapes and arranges it’s piece into an irresistible psychological delicacy
TIME” The very essence of season, place, Events, circumstances and situations that concern Man. No man has been able to successfully Alter, defy or repeat the Events that took place at a particular time in reality ( apart from keeping data) Hence, a day passes never to be seen again in reality.
Now this brings me to my discovery about Drummers, they can presume to Alter, defy, and even repeat a timed rhythm with the Drums.


A drummer ‘s mind could be in several places yet be at the same spot all at once. God Almighty Himself is Time and that is why man will always work to keep up with time till he seizes to exist.
Abisdlaw’ s discovery.

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