Antichrist now on board!!

A man who goes by the name Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda claims he is the Antichrist but not for evil. He says in  an interview that the bible says “put your faith in Christ after the cross not on the cross”  He also implies that Heaven is right here on earth so there is no sin.


His followers receive the mark of the beast as a sign that they are true believers of the gospel.


The END is finally here people, those who have been looking for an excuse to continue living in sin will go by his precepts that “there is no sin”.  The signs are clear, let us not be deceived by an Antichrist who portrays himself as the second Messaiah
Even after his death on August the 8th  2013. The cirrhosis of the liver was his cause of death yet his members say he is immortal and still alive.



And ye shall know the truth and The truth shall set you free”. John: 8 vs 32.

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