The musical God

Learning is a very integral part of life no matter what you do or how good you are doing it, you’ve got to be better than the previous day in order to stay relevant . However there is a small discovery I made overtime (Abisdlaw) in connection to being the “better musician” most young folks aspiring to become great musicians unfortunately stay at being instrumentalists because they keep searching for the “better musician” .
A vampire for example has great speed and hears from an impossible distance ; a werewolf has great strength ;
A lycon is know for great instincts and strength.  If one of these beasts of nature were to combine all three DNA then we all know what the result would be “if successful” it would no longer matter which of the three is Stronger since at least half of their strengths each are in one beast, he would turn out Stronger and deadlier than all three put together. Now let’s come back home,  if a  young musician combines the unique sound of different musicians he can make his own, instead of searching for “who plays better than who” He continues to combine skills and understanding from whoever he can, however he can and whenever he can.
In no time he will turn out to be a Greater musician. After all….. “For ye are small gods” does the bible say.


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