Is the END not come???????

“The very simple things in life have now become complex and Vice versa” .
Acts and deeds that were once abominable and shameful to man have now become his very essence of existence, the foul stench of immorality vaporizes into the heavens like a steam from a soup with terrible odor.
What was once the legacy for integrity and high sense of responsibility now languish in isolation, trampled upon by the very being that upheld it’s flag for the sakes of vanity. And now the first
shall be the last and last……. First              



Friends & families, religious bodies and the society are now consumed with vain activities rather than tackle the seemingly insignificant yet most important things in life. How do we make up for this treachery???
How do we retrace our misguided steps back to the light that formed them???
How do we meet up with the harvest???
Oooh!!  How laborers cast away tools for service……. Wake up must we all before rigor mortis sets in…………..

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