The Deadliest Weapon Yet!!!!!!

At a time, the bow and arrow was the height of reinforcement in war. It allowed the great Genghis Khan  to rule over the Mediterranean seas and conquer empires two times the size of Alexander the great. That same weapon would not last a minute in battle today given the armored tanks, machine guns, grenades, missiles and nuclear ammunitions available for massive destruction



Yet these weapons having such massive impact cannot operate themselves, there has to be a command, an instruction or direct execution to launch. It is my discovery over time that man’s “WILL” to do and undo, pull the trigger or launch an attack remains the Deadliest Weapon Yet. When a man wills intention becomes actual (action). The question is……. HOW STRONG IS YOUR Will TO PLEASE GOD?????

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2 thoughts on “The Deadliest Weapon Yet!!!!!!

  1. Wow! Such a wonderful discovery, a man’s will is the strongest weapon ever, ‘to do or not to do’ how extremely beautiful and powerful it would be if we surrender that ‘WILl’ to God, for HE is the one that works in us both to ‘WILL and to ‘DO’ of His good pleasure! God bless you bro

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